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Annual Conference 2019 Live!: Beach Party

Our Annual Conference is jam-packed with key experts covering a range of issues impacting the lives of babies. Grab your snorkel and DIVE IN behind the scenes with us as we interview conference speakers on the latest research and innovations in early childhood.

Becoming a Diversity Ally

Nikki Darling-Kuria, M.A., M.Ed., ZERO TO THREE

Supporting Resilience and Well-Being Through Mindfulness


New Education Pathways for Spanish-Speaking Family Child Care Providers

Susan Marie Zoll, Ph.D., Rhode Island College

Game Changers and Life Changers

Matthew Melmed, J.D., ZERO TO THREE;
Lynette Aytch, Psy.D., ZERO TO THREE

DIVE IN with ZTT Membership

Maria Spriggs, ZERO TO THREE

New Research Revelations On The Susceptibility And Resilience To Early Life Adversity

Pat Levitt, Ph.D. Saban Research Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Rahil Briggs, Psy.D., HealthySteps, ZERO TO THREE

Tackling The Opioid And Substance Crisis Using The Science Of Attachment, Trauma, And Infant Mental Health

Barbara “Basia” Andraka-Christou, Esq., J.D., Ph.D., University Of Central Florida And Author Of The Opioid Fix: America’s Opioid Crisis And The Solution They Don’t Want You To Have)
Janie Huddleston & Darisheia Bell (ZERO TO THREE Safe Baby Court Team),
Kathryn Shea, MSW, LCSW, (Sarasota’s Community Multi-Prong Response To Opioid Crisis)
Judge Hope Bristol (Florida’s Drug Court And Ft. Laud Early Childhood Court), & Parent In Recovery)
Mimi Graham, Ed.D., (Florida’s Early Childhood Court Clinical Piece)

Shelter from the Storm

Karen Harrison, M.Ed., Save The Children
Jennifer Novak, MSW, ZERO TO THREE

Finding Quality and Growing Equity in Unexpected Places

Junlei Li, Ph.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education

Wrestling with Dads: What We've Learned on the Floor and in Interviews

Kevin V. Gruenberg, Psy.D., University of South California
Richard Cohen, Ph.D., University of Southern California

Strategies For Starting Conversations About Early Mental Health

Lisa Jansen Thompson, LPC, M.A., Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

All in the Family: Understanding the Role Grandparents Play in Caring for Children Under 5

Rebecca Parlakian, M.Ed., ZERO TO THREE
Kathy Kinsner, M.Ed., ZERO TO THREE

Digital Adults: Technology Use by Parents and its Effects on Child Outcomes

Sarah Lytle, Ph.D., Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington

Inequity in Infancy: Racial Disparities and African American Infants

Brenda Jones Harden, Ph.D. (Presenter), University Of Maryland
Cathy Costa, Baltimore City Health Department
Reiko Boyd, Ph.D., University Of Houston
Iheoma Iruka, Ph.D., HighScope

Living Through The Triumphs And Challenges Of Raising A Child With Autism

Doreen Oliver