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State Supplemental Funds Boost the Power of EHS

Nov 15, 2019

Early Head Start (EHS) federal funding is an essential component of a state’s approach to providing high quality services to infants, toddlers and their families. Many states, however, are providing a supplemental funding boost to further the impact of this research-based approach to improving outcomes for children and families.

Nationally, only 8% of eligible infants and toddlers are being served by EHS. At least six states - Iowa, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri and Oregon - have committed to reaching beyond that number by providing additional funds to improve access and quality. They are using those supplemental dollars in multiple ways:

• Expanding the number of children and pregnant women served by EHS programs,

• Ensuring reach into underserved tribal communities,

• Supporting workforce development and increasing teacher compensation, and

• Expanding child care partnerships and extending the EHS day or year.

Expanding child care partnerships and extending the EHS day or year For more information, check out last week’s release Early Head Start: An Essential Support for Pregnant Women, Infants, and Toddlers and watch your email for National Head Start Association state supplemental funding advocacy resources in the coming year.

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