Cross Sites 2017

Cross Sites Meeting 2017: Be The Bridge: Nurture The Present, Build The Future

The ZERO TO THREE Safe Babies Court Teams, in conjunction with The Quality Improvement Center for Research-Based Infant-Toddler Court Teams (QIC-CT), hosted our 11th Annual Cross Sites Meeting from August 16-18, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Beginning in 2005, the Safe Babies Court Teams Project has hosted an annual meeting at one of our infant-toddler court team sites for child welfare professionals, judges, court personnel, service providers, community coordinators, and other stakeholders. The QIC-CT and SBCT Cross Sites Meeting provides a national learning community to share ideas and innovative approaches, learn about the latest scientific practices in the field, and discuss child welfare policies and practices for infants and toddlers and their families in the child welfare system.

The following resources include presentations and relevant materials for the Cross Sites 2017 Meeting. Click here to learn more about the speakers at 2017 Cross Sites.

Day One Sessions: Wednesday, August 16th

Plenary: Sustainability, Building The Future

Understanding Infant Mental Health For Young Children Exposed To Trauma

Sustaining The SBCT: Mobilizing Collaborations And Using Data To Access Financing

  • Presentation by Alex Citrin and Sarah Morrison, Center For The Study Of Social Policy
  • For the QIC-CT resources on sustaining an SBCT, click here

Recognizing The Challenges That Bring Parents Into The Child Welfare System

Plenary: Medication Assisted Treatment For Pregnant and Parenting Moms Affected By Substance Use Disorder And Prenatal Substance Exposure

Day Two Sessions: Thursday, August 17th

Plenary: Early Adversity And Lifelong Health: Risk And Protective Factors

Safe Use Of Psychotropic Medication In Children

Communicating With Children In A Trauma-Informed Way

Legacies Of The Past: Does My Bias Impact My Good Works?

  • Presentation by Marva Lewis

Addiction To Alcohol And Opiates, A Multi-Generational Medical Disorder

Plenary: How Trauma Audits Make A Difference In Our Work

  • Presentation by Judge Lynn Tepper, Judge Joseph Seidlin, Judge Thomas Broome, Judge Kimberly Todd, Judge Mary Polson, and Judge Doris Fransein | View session video

Improving Child Protection Practice For Immigrant Families Experiencing Domestic Violence

  • Presentation by Judge Susan Breall and Melissa Mangiaracina

ICWA Updates

Building The SBCT Components (How-To Session)

  • Presentation by Judge Joyce Williams Warren, Darneshia Bell, Carrie Toy, Judy Norris
  • For resources on the SBCT Approach, click here

Trauma And Testifying In Court

  • Presentation by Judge Constance Cohen Ret., Joy Osofsky, and Eileen Swoboda
  • For resources on trauma-informed child and family service systems, click here

Domestic Violence: How We Work With Families

Day Three Sessions: Friday, August 18th

Conducting A Family Team Meeting

Safety And Resiliency For Trauma-Exposed Families

Developing Transparency Through Courageous Conversations

In the Belly of the Beast:  Stories from the Foster Care System

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