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At the Speed of Digital: Reaching Today’s Parents, Professionals, and Policymakers

Stephanie Chow, Digital Producer, ZERO TO THREE

Greetings! Join me, digital producer at ZERO TO THREE, for a brief ride through our adventures navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital communications.

As information gathering occurs increasingly through digital media, we face the challenging task of traversing constantly evolving technology and heightened competition for attention. If we were tasked to find the exact number of ways we can now reach parents, professionals, and policymakers through digital media, our heads would explode. We would have to multiply the number of different types of electronic devices by the number of apps available for each device and add that to the number of available websites, etc. Furthermore, new methods of communication dictate new habits! For example, social media platforms have taken us by storm in the past decade. The extensive and overwhelming nature of social media content and our ability to engage with this content has formed a feedback loop resulting in punchy, bite-sized delivery as optimal content formats.

So what role do I play as digital producer? I work together with our blossoming digital team within our larger Communications Department to strategically cross the digital landscape and produce content that captures the zeal, awe, and impact of ZERO TO THREE’s programs. From the State of Babies Yearbook, to the release of our nationwide Grandparent Survey, to our Membership program that provides early childhood professionals with a wealth of research-based resources, to our fundraising campaigns, to our expanding HealthySteps sites across the nation—I could go on and on!—we aim to build and engage our stakeholders and bring ZERO TO THREE to the forefront.

One of our many modi operandi in the Communications Department is to ask: to what end? Our collective efforts to innovate, to create, and to push ourselves to dominate in a landscape that moves 100 miles a minute is rooted in our desires to further ZERO TO THREE’s mission to help ensure babies and toddlers get a strong start in life. We move forward with fervor and hope in the endless possibilities for innovation as we strive to fulfill our mission!

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