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Letter to Congress regarding COVID-19 Appropriations

Download Files Mar 21, 2020

In a letter to Congress, Chief Policy Officer Myra Jones-Taylor highlighted the needs of babies and families requiring urgent attention as appropriators work to put together the next response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ask Congress to Take the Next Step for Babies!

Infant-toddler advocates know that the COVID-19 crisis will hit babies and their families particularly hard.

Urge Congress to act now

Last week, ZERO TO THREE sent every Member of Congress 10 recommendations for action needed to safeguard the well-being of young children whose early development will be profoundly shaped by the current crisis. Now we are calling attention to requests that require emergency appropriations increases or new funding. We have refined some of these recommendations based on additional information from colleagues on the ground about the needs of young children and families.

For the 12 million infants and toddlers in the United States, this crisis occurs during a time when their rapid brain development means they are particularly affected by the rising stress of the adults who care for them. The decisions Congress is making today will help determine whether they have the strong foundation they’ll need for future success—or whether that future is undermined by today’s events.

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