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State of Babies Yearbook: 2020 | Partner Toolkit

Download Files May 26, 2020

The state where a baby is born makes a big difference in their chance for a strong start in life. We greatly appreciate your support in sharing the State of Babies Yearbook: 2020 with your networks.

New data this year shows significant disparities in opportunity for our youngest children throughout the country. In every state—even among those with high averages—babies of color, babies in families of low-income, and those living in urban and rural areas face inequities that challenge the foundational brain development of the earliest years.

As our country now faces an unprecedented crisis as a result of COVID-19, policymakers and advocates can use the data to advance policies that produce the near-term support and long-term stability that babies and families need.

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  • 📏 How does your state measure up? Check out the new #StateofBabies Yearbook: 2020 from @ZEROTOTHREE to find out: go.stateofbabies.org/data #ThinkBabies
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  • Even before #COVID19, #StateofBabies showed us that the littlest among us faced big challenges. What happens next is up to us. Share the data and take action: go.stateofbabies.org/data #ThinkBabies @ZEROTOTHREE
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  • The first 3 years of a child’s life shape every year that follows. The #StateofBabies Yearbook: 2020 provides a snapshot of how the nation’s babies are faring nationally and by state across nearly 60 indicators essential for a strong start in life. go.stateofbabies.org/data
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The need to make the potential of every baby our national priority has never been more urgent. As the State of Babies Yearbook: 2020 shows, the status quo for babies and families has fallen short and has left young children particularly vulnerable to the current COVID-19 crisis—and those that we may face in the future.

Learn how babies were faring in your state prior to the COVID-19 pandemic at www.stateofbabies.org. The 2020 Yearbook brings a new equity lens to the picture of babies in this country by providing an in-depth look into the substantial disparities and inequities among babies and families when examined by race/ethnicity, income, and geographic setting. Even among states with high averages, significant disparities exist in the opportunities available to babies and families of color to thrive, often driven by historical and structural inequalities. The current crisis has further uncovered and worsened these disparities which have harmful and life-altering effects that begin even before birth and can last a lifetime.

If we are to be truly successful in our national response and recovery, we must prioritize the potential of each and every baby. We encourage you to share this information with your partners and networks and join the team that is fighting for our future. Learn more about Think Babies and how you can get involved.