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State of Babies Yearbook: 2020 | Congressional Toolkit

Jun 26, 2020

The state where a baby is born makes a big difference in their chance for a strong start in life.

New data this year shows significant disparities in opportunity for our youngest children throughout the country. In every state—even among those with high averages—babies of color, babies in families of low-income, and those living in urban and rural areas face inequities that challenge the foundational brain development of the earliest years.

As our country now faces an unprecedented crisis as a result of COVID-19, policymakers and advocates can use the data to advance policies that produce the near-term support and long-term stability that babies and families need.

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Good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences—shouldn’t every baby be entitled to these? See how [INSERT STATE] compares to other states in helping babies achieve their full potential. Learn more: go.stateofbabies.org/data
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Disparities between race, income, and geographic setting affect a baby’s chances for a strong start in life in [INSERT STATE]. See the data: go.stateofbabies.org/data
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As our nation recovers from COVID-19 we must address the disparities that exist among our nation’s babies. The State of Babies Yearbook: 2020 shows where each state can start: go.stateofbabies.org/data
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The State of Babies Yearbook: 2020 uses a wealth of data to show how babies across our nation fare for a strong start in life. See how [INSERT STATE] ranks: go.stateofbabies.org/data
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State-Specific Graphics

The below graphics with respective data for all 50 States and D.C. can be downloaded here.