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Voices for Babies: Elevating Family and Provider Stories

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ZERO TO THREE Think Babies™ State Partners include and elevate family and front line voices to move policy.

For strong and effective advocacy efforts, the voices of both families and front-line staff are essential in moving infant and toddler policy in communities, states and at the federal level. No one can speak to the lives of young children with more knowledge and understanding than those who spend every day with them. Advocates and policymakers across the country are finding thoughtful and innovative ways to support families and early childhood professionals to tell their stories and participate in decision-making.

ZERO TO THREE Think Babies state partners exemplify the practice of including and elevating these voices. In addition to the many Strolling Thunder events these states have organized, they have also implemented multiple innovate opportunities for families and providers to share their stories and shape policy. Download the resource below to learn more.