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Official DC:0–5™ Training

Mar 7, 2016

This training provides one consistent, authorized training approach for U.S. and international practitioners and consists of a 2-day, intensive practitioner training on DC:0–5™ content and approach.

Designed for advanced practitioners such as mental health clinicians, psychiatrists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and early intervention specialists whose work with infants, young children, and their families involves assessment, diagnosis, and case formulation. ZERO TO THREE is the only official training provider for DC:0–5™.

Delivered by ZERO TO THREE Expert Faculty

  • Highly qualified—with strong clinical skills and training experience
  • Multidisciplinary and transcultural—from the U.S. and around the world
  • The only ZERO TO THREE endorsed faculty, trained by the DC:0–3R Revision Task Force

Topics include:

  • A history of diagnostic classification of mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood
  • Definitions of key concepts in infant and early childhood mental health The purpose of diagnosis and assessment in infancy and early childhood—risks and benefits
  • An explanation of the multi-axial framework
  • Approaches to infant and early childhood assessment and diagnosis (developmentally attuned, relational and family-focused, contextually grounded, culturally competent, strengths-based)
  • Changes from DC:0–3R to DC:0–5™
  • A thorough review of:
    • Axis I—Disorders
    • Axis II—Relational Context
    • Axis III—Physical Health Conditions and Considerations
    • Axis IV—Psychosocial Stressors
    • Axis V—Developmental Competence
  • Understanding DC:0–5™ in relation to other classifications such as ICD-10 and DSM-5.

For more than 20 years, ZERO TO THREE has been the trusted authority on infant and early childhood mental health diagnostic classification. Make sure to get the official, ZERO TO THREE endorsed DC: 0–5™ Training directly from the source.

Other DC:0–5™ Training Options

  • College and University Coursework—Core content slides designed for use in higher education
  • Overview Workshops—1-hour to 1-day presentations

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