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Beyond Reflection: Advancing Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RS/C) to the Next Level

Virtual Event Recording & Professional Innovations Discussion Paper, January 2022

Today, reflective practice is an established, necessary, and fundamental practice across all early childhood related sectors and disciplines—benefiting the health and wellbeing of infants, young children, families, caregivers, educators, supervisors, system administrators, policymakers, faculty, and researchers. The growing appreciation for reflective practice has also brought complexity to its how and who. There now seems to be as many “ways of practicing” for which there are disciplines, and as many “ways of being” for which there are professionals practicing.

Tune into the virtual event recording as ZERO TO THREE’s Noelle Hause digs into the opportunities for advancing shared understandings, attending to foundational considerations including exploration of cultural and racial identities; equity, power, and privilege; ethical guidelines; and more.

Download the new Professional Innovations Discussion Paper “Beyond Reflection: Advancing Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RS/C) to the Next Level” authored by Noelle. This paper helps advance reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C) by stimulating important dialogue amongst infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) professionals, inviting discussion around:

  • examining definitions of reflective practice, specifically RS/C as used in the IECMH field;
  • recognizing the multilevel benefits of reflective-informed practice for infants, young children, families, caregivers, educators, supervisors, system administrators, policymakers, faculty, and researchers and all other professionals working with and for families;
  • considering RS/C foundational areas in light of emerging and urgent issues, such as the need to prioritize the leadership and collaboration of diverse voices in actively exploring, examining, and, as necessary, adapting or reconstructing current reflective practice models; and
  • identifying specific opportunities to advance RS/C, with additional IECMH field discussion, exploration, and action.

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As you read this discussion paper, we encourage you to reflect on how the ideas and questions discussed might translate into your own professional practice–or perhaps how they already do. Participating in professional development and practice discussions are an important part of contributing to early childhood professions. We invite you to continue the dialogue with us.

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Participants in this event truly began the invited dialogue; they shared a range of perspectives and additional related resources. This document is a compilation of the resources shared. Some of these resources are also included in the discussion paper references.

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