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Supporting Young Children Affected by a Veteran Parent's Injury

Download Files En español Mar 9, 2016

This booklet is for military parents who are coping with injury, whether visible or invisible. Learn how young child may be experiencing parental injury, while learning strategies to help buffer them from the potential effects of stress.

Your baby or toddler can’t understand the details of her parent’s injury, but she is aware that something is happening. She notices differences in her daily routine, in your voice, and in the expression on your face. All these changes can leave her feeling uncertain or insecure.

She looks to you for comfort and to help her understand and cope with her feelings. In this brochure, we address six steps that you can take to support your child over the days, weeks, and years. Though our focus is on children under three years old, these steps—adjusted as needed for age—can be used for siblings, too.

Some of what you read here you may already know and do. Some ideas may be new. We invite you to take one or two tips and try them.