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How Brief Moments of Mindful Connection With Nature Help Build Resilience for Early Childhood Professionals and Children

with Diane Biray Gregorio, Jane West, and Michael Yellowbird

Positive therapeutic effects of mindfulness in nature for adults is understood. Deeper investigation into the healing effects of mindfulness in nature for young children is promising. Are you an early childhood professional with a packed schedule and/or limited access to nature? This event introduced the practice of “microrestorative opportunities” that you can use to connect with nature in whatever way is immediately available. Join us as we explore the science that explains why this practice can replenish essential mental resources, such as alertness and attention. Dialogue about how early childhood is an excellent time to begin transforming narratives about the relationship between humans and nature, and how the therapeutic power of mindfulness is enhanced when the context is nature-based learning. Let’s consider together how we can help young children access different ways of knowing that balance Indigenous and Western scientific approaches, and transform the received colonial settler narratives into one about our interdependence with the natural world.

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