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How States Include Infant and Toddler Quality Indicators using QRIS

Download Files Mar 11, 2016

This factsheet provides an overview of infant/toddler quality indicators in states’ Quality Rating and Improvement Systems.

Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) define standards for incremental levels of quality across a range of categories, and establish systems for rating and improving quality child care for all children. The National Infant & Toddler Child Care Initiative reviewed 24 QRIS1 to identify States that explicitly include infant/toddler (I/T) quality indictors. The review did not include State licensing and accreditation requirements, so I/T indicators that are reflected in these regulations are not included in this fact sheet.

This fact sheet is intended to highlight QRIS that include specific I/T indicators to promote discussions as States, Territories and Tribes begin to develop, revise, and implement QRIS for quality I/T care.

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