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Are We There Yet? 2011 Funding Debate Approaches Critical Week

Mar 28, 2011

Congress returns to Washington today with less than two weeks before the current stop-gap measure for funding the government runs out.

Negotiations between staff of House and Senate leaders continued during last week’s recess, but had hit snags by week’s end. A major sticking point is the House’s desire to attach policy-related provisions dealing with funding for Planned Parenthood and the Environmental Protection Agency. Talk of a government shutdown, which had abated for a while, has picked up again.

Voices on behalf of children must continue to be heard, even as the process for finalizing 2011 funding drags on. Whether a final agreement on spending cuts reduces programs across the board or individually, children’s programs stand to lose. Please let your Senators and Representatives know that their constituents care about how the deficit is reduced and who bears the burden of deep funding cuts. The choices they make now will affect young children for years to come.

Make another telephone call, send an e-mail, drop a letter by the District office, or write a letter to the editor. Let them know that protecting children’s programs must be non-negotiable—oppose drastic cuts to children’s services. In particular, 368,000 children should not lose Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care services. Young children will not be ready for school, and parents will not be able to work if our early childhood education system is decimated in this way. For background and action materials on Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care, read more here.

Contact your elected officials or write a letter to the editor!


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