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Spring into Action! Tell Your Reps to Protect Young Children and Their Families

Apr 20, 2011

TAKE ACTION while your Representatives and Senators are on their spring recess from April 19th – April 29th and may be in the district or state.

As discussions about long-term deficit reduction plans continue in Washington, this is an ideal opportunity to educate Congress on the importance at home of supporting the earliest years in a child’s life and the need for a long-term view to ensure our nation’s future economic security.

Ask for a meeting with your Congressmen, arrange a site visit, attend a town hall event, or write a letter!

Here is a frame for the discussion:

As discussions on long-term deficit reduction plans are heating up in Washington, many of the proposals would severely cut Federal spending down the road for the programs that help keep vulnerable families economically secure, and provide a healthy future for our youngest children. It is critical that infants and toddlers especially, and their families, receive early childhood and other services now so that they will be ready for school and become productive workers and citizens in the future. What would you do to ensure programs critical to young children and their families are protected as talks continue in Congress on how to rein in the deficit?

For more background on the deficit reduction discussions, read last week’s blog entry.

Here are more details on avenues you can use to educate your Congressmen:
  • Ask for meetings to provide information on how early supports can put at-risk infants and toddlers on the right track: Click here to find the direct number to your Representative’s office.
  • Arrange site visits to show the good work your programs do and underscore what will be lost if services for at-risk children are not protected in deficit negotiations. See our advocacy tool: “How to plan a site visit.
  • Watch for town hall events that you can attend and ask questions about how they will ensure that deficit reduction negotiations place a priority on developing the potential of all children. Find out about more recess activities by contacting children’s champions in your state and finding out whether they have events planned.
  • Write a letter to the editor in response to an article about budget cuts. See our advocacy tool: “How to Write a Letter to the Editor and an Opinion Editorial.”
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