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#Rally4Babies on July 8th at 2:00 EDT!

Jun 18, 2013

People all around the country think babies should be a priority when it comes to public policy. It’s just so hard to get them all together.

Now you have a place to go to make your voices heard: In just two weeks, the national #Rally4Babies will happen right on your computer screen. A number of early childhood notables will gather in a Google+ Hangout at 2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time on July 8th to talk about why it’s important to give young children the opportunity to reach their potential—starting from birth.

Who will be rallying? For starters, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. They’ll be talking about why they and President Obama believe we have to support early learning right from the start. They will be joined by acclaimed children’s musician Laurie Berkner, who will sing your favorite songs and talk about how music and dance support a child’s early development. Other prominent speakers will give their perspectives on why our babies and toddlers are so important in our lives and in public policy.

How can you rally? Go to www.rally4babies.org to get all the details on how to join in this virtual event. (Sign up for Rally Updates so you’ll get the latest news.) Watching the rally is as simple as following a link to YouTube where the Hangout will be streamed live. But don’t watch alone! Organize a watch party with your favorite babies, toddlers, and other friends.

What’s the point? Often people don’t think about needing to focus on babies when they’re talking school readiness. But we know that Learning Happens From the Start! And we know that too many babies start falling behind when they are infants, with wide developmental gaps apparent way before they reach the preK door.

Still need convincing? Watch legendary pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton make the case for making babies and toddlers a national priority.

The President started a national conversation about young children’s needs when he launched his Early Learning Initiative. Now we want babies to have their say.

We have to be their voices! So while you’re watching the #Rally4Babies, you can make your voice heard by signing a petition (www.rally4babies.org/petition) to the President and your Members of Congress to support greater investments in programs for babies and toddlers such as Early Head Start, child care, home visiting, and early intervention. 20,000 people already have spoken out. Tell your friends to do the same—and put July 8th on your calendar to Get Your Rally On!

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