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Standing with Immigrant Women and Children

Mar 18, 2012

ZERO TO THREE has joined with a group of women from across the country this week to investigate human rights abuses against immigrant women and children in Alabama, in the wake of recent anti-immigrant legislation.

Brought together by We Belong Together—an initiative to bring attention to the ways in which unjust immigration laws affect women, children, and families—ZERO TO THREE will stand with women and children in immigrant families in Alabama to bring awareness to the plight of women and their young children in similar circumstances across the country.

Children of immigrants are the fastest growing segment of the United States child population. More than 20 percent of U.S. children under age six have immigrant parents, and approximately 93 percent of these children are American citizens. A large body of research confirms that children’s earliest years present an unparalleled opportunity to set them on track for success. Therefore, public policies that affect young children of immigrants, either positively or negatively, have a disproportionately significant impact. Policies that foster a strong foundation for healthy development in the first three years of life for immigrant children and their families —including access to health care; adequate food; safe, decent and affordable housing; and positive early learning opportunities—can play a key role in preparing these young children to become caring, contributing adults in the future.

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    Patricia A. Cole

    Senior Director of Federal Policy


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