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Launch of National Movement for America’s Children

Jul 21, 2011

A group of child advocacy organizations, spearheaded by Prevent Child Abuse America, have launched a nationwide pledge, listening tour, and crowd-sourcing tool designed to develop a national strategy for the healthy growth and development of every child.

The National Movement for America’s Children (The Movement) is founded on the basic principle that all of our children deserve nurturing environments that support healthy brain development so they are prepared to learn in school, grow into productive, contributing adults, and help their community, and our country, be prosperous and competitive in the global economy.

ZERO TO THREE is a founding partner in The Movement and hopes it will energize grassroots support for policies and actions that give every baby a good start in life. Matthew Melmed, ZERO TO THREE’s Executive Director, had this to say about the launch of the new effort:

“ZERO TO THREE is pleased to be a founding partner in the National Movement for America’s Children. We know the ingredients children need to flourish, starting from birth: good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences that help them explore their world. And we know far too many children start life and grow up without these essentials. The Movement offers a unique way to translate our collective knowledge and will as individuals and communities into actions we can take at every level to help all children reach their potential. How we are cared for and nurtured as young children profoundly shapes who we will become. In joining together to nurture and care for all children, we in turn shape our society’s future.”

The Movement is intended to unify the field, energize the public on children’s issues, and hold our country’s systems and institutions accountable for putting the needs of America’s children ahead of special interests or political ideologies. Visit the website to learn more about the Movement. Sign a pledge supporting the Movement and contribute to the crowd-sourced development of a national strategy for America’s children. Visitors to the Movement site can also get involved at the community and state levels, serving as grassroots organizers online and locally.

From now until November 6, Movement supporters will be hosting town hall events and listening sessions across all 50 states while simultaneously hosting an ongoing virtual debate and discussion on the website. The Movement plans to unveil the final national strategy in Washington, DC on November 6, 2011, exactly one year before the 2012 election.

Please visit the website to find out how you can get involved in your community to help ensure that our very youngest children have the opportunity to reach their potential. In joining together to care for all our children, we shape our society’s future.

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    Patricia A. Cole

    Senior Director of Federal Policy


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