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Illinois MIECHV Team Prioritizes Continuous Quality Improvement

Jan 9, 2016

Learn how Illinois is universalizing access to both data and reports for the purpose of tracking change and identifying problem areas.

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) administers the Illinois Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program in 6 communities, through 25 organizations providing home visiting services with 700+ families. As part of the MIECHV programs Continuous Quality Improvement plan (CQI), the University of Illinois Center for Prevention Research and Development (CPRD) conducts the programs evaluation. In order to improve the MIECHV programs quality, the CPRD developed the Home Visiting Improvement Model (iHVIM). The CQI team views CQI as a process that occurs in parallel on all levels and with all staff, such that each person is part of the CQI team. The iHVIM plan put forth by the CQI team strategizes around improving three priority issues 1. Improving capacity in terms of human resources (through technology transfer and training); 2. Improving evidence-based practice (through research and evaluation) and data-based decision making; and 3) Improving access and guidance for public policies and decision making.

In order to make progress on these priority issues, the CPRD and the Illinois MIECHV team offers support working in data systems and analyzing data to understand change. This project includes universalizing access to both data and reports for the purpose of tracking change and identifying problem area. CPRD will also provide support in applying evidence based practice through technical assistance at the site level. Lastly, CPRD has developed a communication system available to sites and home visitors across the state that puts them in direct communication with state decision makers. When issues arise that surpass site-level capacity, a path of action for policy change at the state or national level is available. To learn more about the Illinois MIECHV teams Continuous Quality Improvement plan, visit: https://zerotothree.app.box.com/s/o47vnbwnithxsqoh1grh

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