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Maine's Infant/Toddler Credential System

Feb 9, 2016

Maine Roads to Quality, in partnership with Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Child and Family Services, has worked with the ZERO TO THREE Learning Community to develop a three tiered Infant Toddler Credentialing System (ITC) to ensure that training is available for caregivers who do not have college experience, as well as for those who do.

ITC 1: No college is necessary for this credential. The four trainings that are necessary can be taken through any of the Child Care Resource and Development Centers. The training courses are:

  • Caring for Infants, Toddlers and Their Families, which is a 30-hour course fostering the understanding of infant and toddler growth and development

  • Foundations in Health, Wellness and Safety, which an 18-hour course used to highlight the importance of health, safety, and nutrition

  • Supporting Maine’s Infants & Toddlers: Guidelines for Learning & Development, which is a 30-hour program that develops participants ability to observe, assess, and utilize curriculum effectively

  • Introduction to Infant Mental Health: Issues and Practice, which is an 18-hour course designed to increase caregivers’ awareness of the importance of positive interactions with infants.

Following the completion of these trainings, a portfolio is developed by the applicant and reviewed by Maine Roads to Quality to determine if competencies have been met, then the award will be made.

ITC2: An Associates degree is necessary to pursue this credential. The coursework in the Associates degree must include specific course equivalents for 3 credit courses in Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Observing and Recording Children’s Behavior, and a course on Infants and Toddlers.

Then the four specific 3 credit courses to earn the ITC 2 can be taken through Kennebec Valley Community College on ITV. They will also be offered where there is a group of 12 or more interested throughout the state. The 1 credit seminar course will probably be offered on-line. When courses are completed, the award will be made by Maine Roads To Quality. The three credit courses include: Infants and Toddlers I: Social Being and Ability to Communicate; Working in Partnership with Families; Strong Healthy Bodies and Curious Minds; Infant Toddler Language and Literacy; and the one credit course Infant and Toddler Seminar.

Infant Toddler Credential 3: A Bachelors degree will be necessary. This level is under development.

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