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Nebraska Online Home Visiting Training Modules

Feb 9, 2016

In 2012, Nebraska released a Home Visiting Core Practices and Principles Online Training program, which provides information and resources that all home visitors can use.

The training is made up of seven core modules designed to provide home visitors with the foundation for working with parents in the home. The modules focus on topics such as effective communication, family systems, cultural competency, observation and documentation, and care of self. Activities are embedded in the training, many of which require the home visitor to work with their supervisor, creating an opportunity for reflective supervision.

The training is available at no cost to anyone who is interested, including parents. Users can obtain certificates for individual modules or for completing the full training program by passing quizzes that are built into the system. It is also possible to log in as a guest (for parents and other non-home visitors) to view the content but not be required to take the tests.

The online training program was developed over the course of about a year using Part C ARRA funds. Most of the curriculum and content for the modules was adapted from an existing 6-day face-to-face training already being offered in the state. The online format was pursued in response to hearing from home visitors that the in-person training was too difficult to attend because of the time commitment and fees required. A cross-agency stakeholder group, which also included private home visiting funders, led the work to develop and disseminate the self-paced training program.

Part C Early Intervention staff began piloting the training program in April 2012. Feedback so far is very positive. Part C home visitors are strongly encouraged to complete the full training program (with an 80% pass rate on all quizzes) within 3 months of being hired.

To learn more about the Nebraska Home Visiting Core Practices and Principles Online Training or to take the training yourself, visit http://answers4families.org/classroom.

Updated January 2016

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