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CHILDSPAN (RI's Child Development and Education Training System)

Feb 9, 2016

CHILDSPAN offers high-quality training and consultation to care and education providers throughout the Rhode Island.

CHILDSPAN is a mutli-year professional development contract awarded through a competitive bid process to Childrens Friend and Service. CHILDSPAN offers high-quality training and consultation to care and education providers throughout the state.

Founded in 1991 as the Rhode Island Child Care Training System, the mission of CHILDSPAN is to enhance the professional development of all those individuals serving children birth through age 16 to ensure availability of high-quality care and education services for Rhode Island children, youth, and their families. CHILDSPAN is funded by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other private and public funding sources.

CHILDSPAN includes the following three activities targeted to infant-toddler caregivers:

*Infant-Toddler Action Team engages community input on expanding and improving professional development opportunities for practitioners who work with infants and toddlers.

*Infant-Toddler Academy “ is a twelve (12) week training program consisting of thirty (30) hours of instruction and eight (8) hours of practical classroom application conducted at least twice annually. The Academy utilizes a nationally recognized infant-toddler caregiver training curriculum and was conceived and developed by the Infant-Toddler Action team with input from a variety of early care and education professionals.

*Child Development Associate (CDA) training and scholarships for child care providers to become certified as Infant-Toddler caregivers.

Updated August 2011

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