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Family Child Care Provider Start-Up Grants in Utah

Feb 9, 2016

The Utah Office of Child Care offers three kinds of grants to family child care or family group child care providers through the Office of Child Care.

  1. The Care About Child Care Start Up Grant provides funding for individuals wishing to open a Family or Family Group Child Care License. The grant program provides up to $350 to providers to cover costs of initial licensing fees and expenses. The grant is a reimbursement after the expenses have already incurred

Participants are required to attend the 5-hour Basic Child Care training in order to receive the Start-Up Grant

  1. The Care About Child Care Welcome Grant program is meant to help “first-time” providers enhance their programs and environments. Grant funds can be used to purchase safe, appropriate, child care materials from any Early Care and Education supply company that has an online ordering system that accepts Visa.
  • $350-Licensed Family Child Care and Center with a capacity of 16 or less
  • $750-Licensed Center with a capacity of 17-75
  • $1000-Licensed Center with a capacity of 76-174
  • $1250-Licensed Center with a capacity of 175 or more
  1. The Care About Child Care Renewal Grant is for programs that have received a grant in the past and have added, or renewed, their Care About Child Care criteria between May 1 and March 31. Programs can receive one grant per fiscal year.

Learn more about the Utah Office of Child Care grant program and eligibility requirements at http://childcarehelp.org

Updated February 2016

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