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Virginia Home Visiting Consortium

Feb 9, 2016

The Virginia Home Visiting Consortium (HVC), established in 2006, represents each of the state level public and non-profit organizations that deliver in-home parent education and family support services to families from pregnancy to school entry.

The HVC was established to bring together home visiting and early childhood leaders to enhance collaboration and facilitate more effective system building at the state and local level.

In recent years, the HVC has evolved to meet the emerging needs of member organizations. In 2013, the HVC identified the need to develop a more strategic approach to expanding local capacity to serve more of Virginias eligible population. The work plan incorporates strategies to not only identify funding options, but also outlines the steps necessary to position the Consortium to provide the statewide leadership needed to scale-up services in Virginia.

In February 2015, the HVC hired its first paid staff member. The HVC Director is coordinating the implementation of the Sustainability Work Plan, which includes managing the organizational change necessary to support the expanded role of the HVC. Since that time, the HVC has started its transition from an informal coalition to a more formal organization. Ultimately, the HVC plans to evolve into an independent intermediary capable of negotiating and communicating on behalf of member organizations.

The main areas of focus for the Consortium are: building a qualified workforce; developing common measures of success; building public awareness; and driving resource development.

Read more about the Virginia Home Visiting Consortium in the ZERO TO THREE Policy Guide.

For more information: http://homevisitingva.com/

Updated February 2016

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