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What the Research Says About the Impact of Media on Children Under 3 Years Old

It is natural that today’s parents and caregivers should wonder about the role that screens do, or should, play in the lives of the babies and toddlers they love. Because ultimately: babies today are born into a world where screens and human interaction are often seamlessly interwoven – a world where parents can use video chat to play peek-a-boo with their toddler while they travel for work, but where those same parents can be distracted by their emails during in-person play time.

Screen Sense—developed in partnership with leading researchers in the field of media and young children—describes what is known at this time about the effect of screen media on young children’s learning and development. We hope this report, with the help of the Screen Sense parent resources, will serve as a useful tool in guiding parents and professionals in making mindful, informed decisions about screen media use with children from zero to three – so that if they choose to make screen media a part of children’s lives, they can do it in a way that harnesses the potential of technology to enhance learning and development.

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