Daddy Matters

ZERO TO THREE has teamed up with YouTube star La Guardia Cross to create “Daddy Matters,” a 4-part web series that explores why dads matter and what matters to dads.

La Guardia Cross

La Guardia Cross pictured with his wife, Leah, and their two adorable daughters, Amalah and Nayely.

La Guardia is the creator and director of New Father Chronicles, which captures life with his adorable daughters, Amalah and Nayely. His candid and always comedic take on life as a dad has drawn millions of engaged viewers and sparks lively conversations on his social media channels. He was named to Ebony’s Power 100 list and is a leading national voice for dads. Read about why La Guardia wanted to create Daddy Matters with ZERO TO THREE.

These videos can also serve as powerful tools for those who work with dads to show them they are not alone, and to open up important discussions on a range of issues around fatherhood. That’s why we have created a discussion guide for each episode that provides questions to serve as conversation-starters and offers a range of resources related to the topics covered in each video. Click here to download the full set of discussion guides.

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