HealthySteps: Transforming the Promise of Pediatric Care

ZERO TO THREE’S HealthySteps transforms the promise of pediatric primary care through a unique approach that integrates a HealthySteps Specialist, a child development expert, into the health care team.

HealthySteps is an evidence-based, interdisciplinary pediatric primary care program that promotes the health, well-being and school readiness of babies and toddlers, with an emphasis on families living in low-income communities. More than 136,000 children and families received family-centered care at the 137+ HealthySteps sites across the country in 2018. Learn more about the reach of HealthySteps in HealthySteps Thrives: 2018 At-A-Glance.

Babies’ brains grow faster from ages 0-3 than any point later in life and pediatric primary care is a trusted source of information for parents during these critical years. Yet, pediatric primary care physicians have an impossibly long list of services to provide during a well-child visit that can last just 15 minutes. HealthySteps provides tailored support for common and complex concerns that physicians often lack time to address, such as: behavior, sleep, feeding, attachment, parental depression, social determinants of health, and adapting to life with a baby or toddler.

Together, the national network of HealthySteps sites aims to reach more than 1 million young children annually by 2032. Sign up for updates from HealthySteps and visit to learn more.

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