The Transformative Power of Relationships in Supporting Children, Families, and Early Childhood Professionals

The ZERO TO THREE Journal | Vol 42 No 4

“How you are is as important as what you do” is a guiding principle at ZERO TO THREE, and the legacy of Jeree Pawl, Past President of the Board, and renowned leader in the field of infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH). This issue of the Journal shines a spotlight on the quality of relationships as the vehicle through which this guiding principle is put into action. Notably, it is not just one’s actions that determine relationship quality, but also “ways of being” —such as the beliefs and attitudes one holds, the ability to cultivate empathy and curiosity, and to observe with careful attention. The articles in this issue explore what it takes to consistently and effectively put relationships—and ways of being—at the center of individual practice, organizations, collaborations, and early childhood systems and policies.

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Table of Contents

Pg 5-PERSPECTIVES: Reflections from the Field Reflections on “How You Are is as Important as What You Do”: Jeree H. Pawl’s Enduring Influence in Contemporary Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Practice

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Lauren Perez, Maria Seymour St John, and Esther Wong

Pg 14-Honoring Race and Diversity in Reflective Supervision: Guiding Principles to Enhance Relationships

Free Access Article

Karol Wilson & Carla C. Barron

Pg 22-The Paradigm Shift to Early Relational Health: A Network Movement

Free Access Article

David W. Willis, Nichole Paradis, Kay Johnson

Pg 32-PERSPECTIVES: Advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Queering “Ways of being”: Replacing Politeness with Honesty to Create Belonging

Nat Vikitsreth

Pg 40-Beyond Case Management: The Role of Mental Health Professionals Within Part C Early Intervention

Erin Poffenberger

Pg 49-Humble Credibility: The Role of the Facilitator to engage Powerful Interactions within a Community of Practice

Raquel Munarriz Diaz, & Tiffany Taylor Jones

Pg 56-Respect, Reflect, Relate: A Way of Being

Lisa Matter, Eva Jankovsky, Laurene Phillips, & Sandra Petersen

Pg 62-Holding from Afar: The Protective Impact of Virtual Reflective Supervision/Consultation (V-RSC) During the Pandemic

Jennifer Willford, Robert Gallen, Teagan Cruz, Haley Hensler, Mohamad Khalaifa, Mikaila Leonard, Elizabeth Wernert & Meredith Willard

Pg 72-Building Collaborative Relationships to Support Infant-Toddler Teachers Through an Evidence-Informed Coaching Initiative

Benjamin L. Bayly, Rebecca Escott, Nancy Nicewonger, and Caroline Campana

Pg 79-What Does it Mean to Be a Leader in the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Field?: Research on Training and Supervision Needs

Emily C. Brown, Christie Spudowski, and Carla C. Barron

Also in This Issue

Pg 2-This Issue and Why It Matters

Stefanie Powers

Pg 4-ZERO TO THREE Competencies for Prenatal to Age 5 Professionals: Understanding the P-5 Competency Domains

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Released quarterly, each issue of the ZERO TO THREE Journal focuses on a critical topic within the early childhood development field. Journal articles are carefully composed to present current knowledge, latest research, and practical advice to help early childhood professionals do their best work in support of infants and toddlers.

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