When Karma Campbell’s son was diagnosed with autism, her list of questions and next steps seemed endless. At the top of the list: where to find a developmental pediatrician and how to start early intervention services.

“What I like most about HealthySteps is having someone at the pediatrician’s office looking out for my family’s best interests. The communication and the amount of support received is heartwarming.

Karma Campbell

HealthySteps transforms the promise of pediatric care by integrating an expert in early childhood development and behavioral health prevention and promotion into the primary care team.

Through a whole-practice approach, children and their families receive regular screening, parenting guidance, care coordination and referrals — above and beyond what a pediatric provider can provide during the average 15-minute visit.

In 2023, HealthySteps achieved many notable accomplishments,

Sustaining Progress

Reached 405,000 children, sustaining progress toward the program’s goal of reaching more than 1 million children annually by 2032.

HealthySteps Symposium

Hosted the annual HealthySteps Symposium for more than 100 HealthySteps Specialists and Physician Champions, with a focus on Facilitating Attuned Interactions (FAN) — a framework for relationship-building and reflective practice.

Advancing Pediatric Care

Introduced a groundbreaking
data collection and care coordination resource for Epic, the most widely used electronic health records (EHR) system in the world. This new resource allows health systems and practices to optimize delivery of integrated, two-generation pediatric care and reduce administrative burden.

Expanding Network

Welcomed our first site in Montana (and 25th state!) and our first international sites in Germany through a partnership with the Department of Defense.

Unlocking Resources

Released new guidance and tools to drive sustainable funding for HealthySteps services.

Teresa Cox-Bates and her husband John Bates, along with their kids Eli, Ava and Issac.

Teresa says HealthySteps has given her the support she was looking for to face her own childhood trauma and be a better parent.

By the numbers

Children Reached in 2023




*as of 12/31/23