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Economic Security

Economic security is one of the strongest predictors of long term well-being.

Too many families with young children lack the financial security needed to thrive, with high poverty levels putting them at a greater risk of chronic stress, adverse experiences and poor health.

In fact, young children are more likely to experience poverty than older kids. And the stubborn wealth gap in the United States means that children of color are far less likely to know economic security and the opportunities that wealth affords their white peers. 

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    When families struggle to afford their most basic needs, babies suffer.
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    Why It Matters

    Children raised in poverty are more likely to experience toxic stress from hardships such as housing instability, hunger and violence.

    Children in families that lack resources can be buffered by strong parental support. Without that support, they are at greater risk  for delayed communication, language, and emotional development.

    By the Numbers

    A staggering number of babies are impacted by economic insecurity.

    Source: Think Babies and the National Collaborative for Infants & Toddlers (2021). Economic security [Messaging brief]

    We confront so many challenges as a society that if we’re all stuck in the traumas of our childhoods, we’re not going to be able to weather them. Should ZERO TO THREE realize its vision for all babies, the future really would be limitless. In an ideal future, all babies would have what they need: safety, security, and health. 

    Paul Spicer, PhD

    Our Impact

    We advocate for the federal government to take bold steps to ensure babies grow up with economic security.

    Our successes include the increase in unemployment compensation, stimulus payments and temporary child tax credits made available during the pandemic. 

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    Join us in advocating for equitable policies and support for families.

    Extending the enhanced Child Tax Credit, raising the minimum wage and subsidizing child care so that it’s affordable for parents and caregivers helps ensure all babies and families can thrive. 

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