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Everyday Fun With Patterns: Let’s Talk About Math Video

Toddler at child care with toys

Watch to see how an understanding of patterns develops from birth to 5 years old.

Let’s Talk About Math: Everyday Fun With Patterns from ZEROTOTHREE on Vimeo.

Pattern awareness emerges as children explore:

  • Daily patterns like a familiar bedtime routine or the predictable green, yellow, red of a traffic light
  • Matching and sorting objects by shape, size or color
  • Creating their own patterns using toys or materials they find in the world in around them
  • Describing the patterns they see and create
  • Knowing what comes next in a pattern—placing a blue block on a red-blue-red-blue-red stack

Download a handout with fun activities designed to support young children’s growing pattern awareness from birth to 5 years old below.

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