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Safe Babies™️, a program of ZERO TO THREE, has been featured in a select number of episodes of the Fostering the Future podcast covering infant-toddler courts and the Safe Babies approach.

The Fostering the Future podcast is a show about all things child welfare, dependency, adoption and foster care. Hosts Jack and Cat have experience in the world of child welfare and spend time each talking with guests about how we can all do something to help kids in care.

Season 3 Episode 20 : Keeping Babies Safe in Utah & Maryland
This episode was developed in partnership with Safe Babies™️, a program of ZERO TO THREE. Kim brings guest, Andria Peek from ZERO TO THREE, back to talk more about Safe Babies, a program of ZERO TO THREE. They are joined by Jessica Lertora, who serves as ZERO TO THREE’s Community Coordinator in Frederick County; and Tiffany Perry the Statewide Coordinator for infant-toddler courts implementing the Safe Babies approach in Utah.

Season 3 Episode 7 : Strong Early Connections in Foster Care
Jack and Cat chat with Andria Peek, a Technical Assistance Specialist with Safe Babies, a program of ZERO TO THREE about strong early connections in foster care and how the Safe Babies approach can optimize them.

Season 3 Episode 5 : Safe Baby Courts In Foster Care
Jack and Cat chat with Andria about Safe Baby Courts (also known as early childhood court or baby court or infant toddler court).


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