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Natural Disaster Preparation Resources

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These resources for parents in the path of a natural disaster offer tips and suggestions to help prepare and care for infants and toddlers.

How Families Can Prepare for a Disaster
It’s easy to think “that will never happen to me,” but natural disasters are becoming both more common and more severe. This New York Times Parenting article outlines how caregivers can prepare.

Creating Routines for Learning
Routines can be used for many reasons, but two of the most important are ensuring children’s health and safety, and helping children learn positive, responsible behavior.

Get Ready, Get Safe Disaster Report Card
Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. A decade later, is our nation better prepared to protect children from disaster?

Mindfulness for Parents
Mindfulness is one strategy that can reduce stress, allowing you to stay calm during stressful and challenging moments.

Shelter from the Storm: A Parent Guide
Living through a disaster like a tornado or hurricane can stir up so many emotions in grown-ups, so imagine what it might be like for a very young child. This parent guide, developed by ZERO TO THREE and Save the Children, offers suggestions for how to support young children following natural disasters and other scary events.

Shelter from the Storm: Tips for Parents and Caregivers
There are so many feelings swirling around when a family must stay in an emergency shelter. Babies and toddlers also have many feelings! ZERO TO THREE and Save the Children partnered to develop these tip sheets for parents.

Coping After a Natural Disaster
Babies and toddlers are affected by scary events, even though they may not understand what they see or hear. Since young children are not able to talk about their feelings, they act them out. This is why you may see changes in their behavior.

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