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Parenting Strategies for a Persistent Child

Is your child persistent to the point where they become stuck and “spin their wheels?” Find parenting tips to help your child approach challenges in a more constructive way.

Persistence means not giving up when faced with a challenge. It is the ability to stick with a difficult task and cope with frustration.

Children who are persistent usually keep trying when faced with a challenge, are slower to “lose it” when they don’t get their way, and can tolerate waiting for their needs to be met.

  • Join your child in his play. It’s easy to let your child play alone for long periods because he is less demanding of your presence. But your child needs and benefits from your interaction together, and you can help him build new skills.
  • As your child grows, let her know that everyone needs help sometimes and that you are available. Sometimes, children get so much positive feedback for being independent that it’s hard for them to ask for help when they do need it. Other times, children who tend not to seek help may go unnoticed when they are truly “stuck” figuring out a problem or task.
  • Check to see whether your child is “spinning his wheels” by trying the same strategy over and over. Sometimes, persistent kids can get stuck this way. If it happens, suggest new ways to approach the challenge.
  • Help your child to let go sometimes. A persistent child may have a hard time accepting no for an answer. For example, even though you’ve said no more TV, your child keeps asking and asking. Be firm in your response and redirect her to something that she is allowed to do.


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