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Magic of Everyday Moments Booklets: How the Brain, Body and Mind Grow from Birth to 3

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This set of eight, age-based booklets highlights developmental milestones from birth to three and offers ideas for how parents can support their children’s healthy development through everyday activities and routines.

If you are like most parents today, your greatest challenge is probably caring for your baby while also taking care of yourself and your responsibilities. But daily activities, such as feeding, bathing and grocery shopping, don’t need to take time away from bonding with and enjoying your baby.

In fact, these everyday moments are rich opportunities to encourage your child’s development by building her: self-confidence, curiosity, social skills, self-control and communication skills.

It’s the special interplay between parent and child that makes everyday moments so meaningful.

Download each of the booklets to discover new ideas and suggestions for how to support your baby’s development while also meeting your own needs.

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