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Babies Need an Accurate Census! You Can Help.

Presented by Amanda Perez and Mollyrose Schaffner

April 9, 2020 at 2PM-3PM EST

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The Census occurs once every ten years, and babies count on us to get it right. An accurate count is critical in making sure the government has the information it needs not only for day-to-day functioning, but also to respond in times of crisis. Babies can’t afford to be missed. Join this webinar to learn how the Census impacts babies and the programs they need to thrive in times of crisis and calm, and what you can do now to ensure that all babies get counted in 2020.

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Where Intervention Happens

Presented in partnership with Brookes Publishing Featuring Author, Robin. A. McWilliam, Ph.D. Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 2PM-3PM EDT

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Children learn in their everyday routines, from waking up through bedtime, including child care, if they get that. Ensuring that infants and toddlers with disabilities get the most intervention possible and the most relevant intervention possible means building their caregivers’ capacity. This webinar will address the assessment of child and family needs, the use of a primary service provider, collaborative consultation to families or teachers, data to collect on our efforts, and how to train people on this routines-based approach. This webinar is geared at early intervention professionals and at caregivers who would like to have an early intervention professional working with them.