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Member Exclusive: Re-broadcast from ZERO TO THREE’s Scientific Meeting

June 30, 2021, 2PM ET with Walter Gilliam and Brenda Jones-Harden

Member Exclusive
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Our Scientific Meeting this spring had the theme of Race, Equity, Bias, and Early Childhood, continuing and deepening the conversations that have been occurring among Board and staff these months. Appropriately, we involved Board members, staff, and Fellows in the discussion.

During the first part, several Board members who have studied the impact of racial bias and inequity on young children will describe their work. We heard from Andy Meltzoff concerning the ways that young children pick up racial bias from everyday experience; Brenda Jones-Harden on maternal experience of discrimination and its impact on mothers’ functioning and parenting of their young children; and Walter Gilliam on racial bias experienced and exhibited by early childhood educators.

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Leading with Dignity in Turbulent Times

July 28th, 2021 2 PM ET
Featuring Bela Moté and Sonya Knight

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How can early childhood leaders stay true to their ideals of leading and serving with dignity, regardless of the circumstances at play? Like many, the Carole Robertson Center for Learning faced this question head on during the COVID-19 pandemic and a year grounded in the fight for racial justice. One of the largest early childhood and youth development nonprofit organizations in Chicago, the Carole Robertson Center serves more than 1,000 children and their families every day, with a significant presence on the city’s West Side. In this talk, the Center’s President & CEO and Vice President of Programs & Impact will share their leadership philosophies and lessons learned in service to their community and staff members during an extraordinary year.