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Addressing Challenging Behavior in Infants and Toddlers

Download Files Feb 17, 2009

Recent research uncovered that extraordinarily high numbers of young children are being expelled from child care settings. Learn how screening and assessment strategies can prevent this growing problem.

Recent research has found that an extraordinarily high number of young children are being asked to leave early childhood settings because of their behavior. The authors describe the Pyramid Model, a framework of recommended practices to help ECE programs support the social–emotional competence of young children and address challenging behavior.

In most cases, challenging behavior develops over a period of time. On the basis of data, it is possible that many of the children expelled at 4 years old could have been identified with proper screening and assessment tools in earlier years of their development.

Learn how high-quality environments facilitate children’s ability to safely explore and learn, become familiar with routines, and develop self-regulation skills necessary for learning appropriate behaviors.