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The MIECHV Program: Smart Investments Build Strong Systems for Young Children

Download Files Feb 17, 2014

This ZERO TO THREE paper highlights the MIECHV program’s role in enhancing state efforts to build high-quality, comprehensive statewide early childhood systems.

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In 2010, Congress established the MIECHV program to provide federal funds to states and tribal entities to support voluntary, evidence-based, home visiting services to at-risk families. One of the less well-known values of the MIECHV program is its role in enhancing and helping intensify state efforts to create strong systems of services that use public resources efficiently and meet families’ needs more effectively. These systems provide a broader setting for the evidence-based, home visiting approaches at the heart of the federal program.

Download this report to learn more about how the MIECHV program supports collaborative planning and systems building, early identification and screening resources, quality improvement, and professional development.

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