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Safe Sleep, Sweet Dreams

Download Files Aug 23, 2017

If you’re a grandma or grandpa providing care to your grandchild, you’re probably confident that a lot remains the same from one generation to the next. But you also might be aware that recent research has led to new suggestions for ensuring babies sleep safely. Here's your guide for safe sleep and sweet dreams inspired by the latest research.

Here’s the latest news on sleep safety for young children.

It’s recommended that babies up to 6 months old sleep in the same room with their parents in a crib, bassinette, or co-sleeper—a three-sided crib that attaches to the parents’ bed—and always on a flat and firm surface. Experts say car seats and swings should not be used for regular sleep. It’s also not advisable to hold the baby while they sleep if there is any possibility you may fall asleep too.

Find other tips by downloading the Safe Sleep, Sweet Dreams guide.

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