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ZERO TO THREE Guide to Implementing the Safe Babies Court Team™ Approach

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Designed to help communities start or expand their efforts to meet the needs of families whose infants and toddlers are in foster care, the new ZERO TO THREE Guide to Implementing the Safe Babies Court Team Approach provides communities with practical advice and best practices.

ZERO TO THREE believes that even though all court jurisdictions and the communities they serve are unique, they all struggle with the same issue –improving outcomes for children and families. To address this need, ZERO TO THREE designed the Safe Babies Court Team (SBCT) approach. Since 2005, we have served well over 1,000 children and families using the SBCT approach.

To reach even more children and families, we have created the ZERO TO THREE Guide to Implementing the Safe Babies Court Team Approach. This 12-component strategy describes best practices systems can customize and implement based on their unique needs.

Find out more about Safe Babies Court Team™ approach.

The Guide:

  • Supports and recommends a collaborative and customized approach
  • Focuses on collaboration with families whose young children are in foster care and across child-serving systems
  • Is a community organizing tool for improving our response to maltreatment of infants and toddlers
  • Advances the health, safety, and well-being of children and families
  • Includes forms, checklists, and real-life stories to provide practical steps and examples

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Author: Lucy Hudson
Contributors: Darneshia Bell, Josie Brown, Larry Burd, Alex Citron, Connie Cohen, Patricia Cole, Edwin Daye, Kim Diamond-Berry, Katrine Herrick, Janie Huddleston, Kati King, Marva Lewis, Michele Many, Kristi McGibbony, Michael McInroy, Ebony Miller, Denise Moore, Sarah Morrison, Judy Norris, Joy Osofsky, Tina Saunooke, Jaclyn Szrom, Colin Witt