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The Hope and Challenges for the Youngest Children Around the World

Moderator: Joan Lombardi, PhD, International Child and Family, Policy Specialist, Washington, DC; Panelists: Linda M. Richter, PhD, Susan P. Walker, PhD, Donald Wertlieb, PhD, and Karlee Silver, PhD

UNICEF (2017) estimated that about 140 million children were born around the world. To put this in perspective, only about 4 million of these babies were born in the United States. All of these newborns hold the hope for the world’s future. Yet the challenges to their overall health and well-being are too often overwhelming, compromising their developmental potential.

In this virtual event, the authors of the latest issue of the ZERO TO THREE Journal discuss global challenges facing children in order to inspire and motivate listeners to take action on behalf of the youngest and most vulnerable around the world.

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