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I am concerned about my child’s development. Who do I talk to about my worries?

Feb 23, 2016

Q. I am concerned with my child's development in several areas. How can I find a Developmental Specialist or someone who could evaluate my son's development? My pediatrician does not seem concerned, but I just have a strong feeling that something is wrong.

A. Parents’ concerns about their children’s development should be taken seriously. A developmental screening or evaluation can determine whether your child needs more in-depth testing (assessment) or if his development is within the typical range. Every state has a program called Early Intervention (Part C) that provides developmental screening and evaluation for very young children aged birth to 3.

If you have a concern and would like a screening, contact your local school district and ask for their Part C/Early Intervention team. You do not need a referral from your pediatrician for an evaluation, but do ask the person who does the evaluation to share the results with your pediatrician. The early intervention team will help you identify what, if any, additional services or testing your child may benefit from. Be persistent in seeking an evaluation until your questions have been answered.

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