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California Invests to Build a Statewide QRIS Network

Apr 22, 2019

California makes a five-year investment in a statewide network of quality rating and improvement systems.

First 5 California (F5CA) is investing $190 million in First 5 IMPACT (Improve and Maximize Programs so All Children Thrive) over five years (FY2015-FY2019) to support a network of local quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS) statewide.

First 5 IMPACT funds support four key areas:

  • County and Regional Work

  • Regional Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) Coordination Hubs

  • State-Level Systems Support and Statewide T&TA

  • Evaluation and Research Projects

The core principles of First 5 IMPACT are:

  • Effective teaching is critical

  • Strong and engaged families

  • California’s early learning and care system respects the diversity of family care needs and so does First 5 IMPACT

  • All types of programs and providers must be high quality for children to be successful

First 5 IMPACT builds on a successful network of local QRIS efforts, forges partnerships with all 58 counties in the state, builds on existing F5CA programs, and aligns with and leverages federal, state, and local investments and direction. The program currently reaches 6,829 participating sites and over 300,000 children.

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