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Don't Hit My Mommy!

A Manual for Child-Parent Psychotherapy With Young Witnesses of Family Violence (2nd Edition).

This bestseller, by Alicia F. Lieberman, Chandra Ghosh Ippen, and Patricia Van Horn, has been updated and revised to address the behavioral and mental health problems of young children whose most intimate relationships are disrupted by the experience of violence. Practitioners from a variety of disciplines will gain an understanding of the impact of violence and will discover concrete intervention strategies to address the consequences of this experience for young children.

New features in the second edition:

  • A “How-To” Section with Real-World Examples
  • The Latest Advancements in Child-Parent Psychotherapy
  • Trauma-Informed Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • New Fidelity Instruments that Provide Guidance on Adherence to Child-Parent Psychotherapy Principles

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