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Betzaida Vera-Heredia Headshot

Betzaida Vera-Heredia

Content Specialist, Professional Development and Workforce Innovations

Betzaida, aka “Hurricane Betsy,” brings an operations and data workforce background into her professional development. She believes in the power of disruption and respectfully challenges traditional thinking to help everyone grow and learn.

Betzaida Vera-Heredia is a Content Specialist for ZERO TO THREE’s Professional Development and Workforce Innovations Department. For more than18 years she has worked in a variety of capacities to support young children, families, and Early Childhood Professionals. Her most important contribution to the field is acting as a Cultural Broker to ensure ECE Workforce members’ voices are heard and valued, especially those from underrepresented and underserved communities. Her role as a broker relies on her expertise in issues related to culture, gender, race, and social inequities. She has facilitated professional learning opportunities at both national and international levels. She has been successful in developing and improving policies that enhance the quality of learning and professional development opportunities available to educators and trainers. She is passionate about implementing innovative ideas and strategies to better support the workforce in accessing high quality learning and professional development resources and tools for empowerment. She is committed to educators and trainers and supports them to “navigate the system” in culturally relevant and meaningful ways.