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Dorinda Silver Williams

Dorinda Silver Williams

Director, Military Family Projects

Dorinda Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a comprehensive background in infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH), parent-child attachment, reflective practice, home visitation, family stress and trauma, and military social work. Dr. Williams is passionate about promoting secure parent-child attachments, building on family strengths, and fostering resilience in the context of trauma and loss.

During her ongoing tenure at ZERO TO THREE, Dr. Williams has developed print materials, produced audio conferences, authored children’s books on sensitive topics, co-developed a parent app, contributed to curricula, provided trauma-informed training and consultation, and spearheaded new initiatives.

Dr. Williams has extensive experience providing child and family-oriented direct services, including family violence prevention/intervention and home visitation. In her role as Assistant Professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Child and Human Development (GUCCHD), Dr. Williams engaged in research and clinical work focused on implementation and evaluation of reflective practice models, integration of evidence-based interventions for young children and their families into multiple, innovative settings in the District of Columbia (DC), and assessment of perinatal services in DC. Dr. Williams has provided reflective supervision and mentorship across clinical models, in support of interdisciplinary IECMH providers. Dr. Williams also served in the role of the Clinical Counseling Program Section Supervisor under the Navy’s Counseling, Advocacy, and Prevention (CAP) program, prior to joining ZERO TO THREE in the role of Director, Military Family Projects again. Through her earlier work as a Family Advocacy Counselor, as well as a home visitor through the New Parent Support Program, Dr. Williams supported families experiencing, or at risk for, family violence.

Dr. Williams is reliable in the Reflective Process Assessment Scales (PRPAS), and the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS). She is a founding member and Board Member of the Infant Mental Health Association of Maryland and DC. Dr. Williams is also a National FAN (Facilitating Attuned Interactions) Trainer.
Dr. Williams is rostered as a Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) therapist and certified as a Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) therapist.