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Little Kids, Big Questions
is a series of 12 podcasts that translates the research of early childhood development into parenting practices that mothers, fathers and other caregivers can tailor to the needs of their own child and family. Click here to listen to or download the podcasts. This podcast series is generously funded by MetLife Foundation.

Challenging Behaviors Tips and Tools

Toddlers and Challenging Behavior: Why They Do It and How to Respond - Explores the developmental foundation underneath many challenging behaviors and how parents and caregivers can set age-appropriate limits. Read More

Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers - Learn why toddlers can be aggressive at times, and how best to respond. Read More

Aggressive Behavior: One Page Handout - Download this one-page (front/back) resource on aggression in the first three years and strategies for responding. Read More

Why Do Toddlers Bite? Finding the Right Response - Explores the many possible reasons for biting and identifies a range of strategies for addressing this behavior. Read More

Helping Young Children Channel Their Aggression - Zero to Three journal article providing tips on helping toddlers cope with their strong feelings. Read More

When a Child is Inconsolable: Stay Near - Essay from the Zero to Three Journal exploring how, when a child is upset, “all” a caring adult can do is be there—and that is plenty. Read More

Learning Self-Control from Birth to Three - These age-based handouts focus on how children begin learning self-control—the ability to manage their emotions and stick to the limits you set. Read More

Helping Your Child Begin Developing Self-Control - Explores a child’s growing capacity for self-control from birth to three. Read More

Tips on Helping Your Child Learn to Cooperate - Offers suggestions for promoting children’s ability to cooperate with others. Read More

Cautious, Slow-to-Warm-Up Temperaments - Discusses how parents can support children who need more time to feel comfortable in their surroundings.  Read More

Slow-to-Warm Up Temperaments: One Page Handout - Download this one-page (front/back) resource on supporting children who are more shy or cautious. Read More

Colic and Crying - Offers suggestions on how to cope with your child’s inconsolable crying in the early months of life. Read More

Colic and Crying: One Page Handout - Download this one-page (front/back) resource on supporting your infant during bouts of inconsolable crying. Read More

Coping With Defiance – Provides parenting strategies for responding to a young toddler’s seemingly defiant behavior.  Read More

Defiance: One Page Handout - Download this one-page (front/back) resource on understanding and responding to defiance in toddlers. Read More

Sleep Challenges – Offers insight into how best to respond to the sleep challenges that often occur from birth to three.  Read More

Sleep Challenges: One Page Handout – Download this one-page (front/back) resource on why sleep challenges happen in the early years and what to do. Read More



When my 2-year-old gets really angry and has a tantrum, she will bump her head against the wall.
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My three-year-old son has started to play with his penis. How should I handle this?
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Sometimes, when I try to explain to my 35-month-old the reason why we have certain rules she seems to understand and accept it, while other times she has a tantrum. Why is that?
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What should I do when my 2 1/2-year-old won’t share her toys with our 8-month-old?
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