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The Growing Brain: From Birth to 5 Years Old

A Brain Development Training Curriculum for Early Childhood Professionals

Helping Early Childhood Professionals Build Better Brains

All babies are born with billions of neurons bumping around their brains… but very few of those neurons are connected. That’s where YOU come in!

ZERO TO THREE’s The Growing Brain professional development curriculum provides early childhood professionals with the knowledge, support and evidence-based strategies they can use in everyday moments to support healthy brain development and build the connections babies need for success now and later in life.

Become a Brain Builder with ZERO TO THREE

Early childhood brain development starts long before children step foot in a kindergarten classroom. In fact, the first three years of a child’s life are the most pivotal, characterized by great opportunity and vulnerability for early brain development.  

The Growing Brain: From Birth to 5 Years Old curriculum fills a unique niche by providing a comprehensive understanding of just how early brain development works, along with ways early childhood professionals and caregivers can encourage healthy brain development in the infants and toddlers they support.  

What Will You LEARN?

Everyone has a role to play in helping babies and toddlers build the foundational connections needed for healthy brain development. Our early childhood professional development offerings prepare educators, trainers, clinicians and advocates for their role in building better brains by teaching them:

Brain Basics: Understand the core concepts of neurodevelopment and the critical role of early experiences. 

Factors Affecting Brain Growth and Development: Explore the genetic and environmental influences on early brain development. 

Communication and Language Development: Dive into the processes that underlie early communication and language skills. 

Cognition and Executive Function: Learn about the development of thinking skills and self-control. 

Social-Emotional Development: Gain insights into the emotional lives of infants and toddlers and how they form relationships.  

Understanding Behavior: Discover the meaning behind behaviors and how to respond effectively 

Everyday Play: Recognize the importance of play and how it supports early brain development.  

Designed For:

The Growing Brain curriculum is ideal for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of early brain development who works directly with infants, toddlers and their families or who supports those who do. This includes:

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Child Care Providers
  • Pediatric Healthcare Providers
  • Home Visitors
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists
  • Early Interventionists
  • …and more!

Take a Peek Inside The Growing Brain Curriculum

Discover your role in healthy brain development.

Download a sample of our acclaimed early brain development curriculum and discover why we’ve been trusted with millions of teachable moments!

Power Potential for Your Whole Team

Need group training? We can help. 

Explore the science, strategies and promising practices of early brain development together – with group training courses designed to challenge, inspire and support your team to implement your learning. Tell us your training needs and we’ll build a custom curriculum to help you reach your organization’s goals. 

Our Early Brain Development Training Programs

The Growing Brain Basics:
Webinar Series

Discover the basics of early brain development and big ideas for nurturing baby brains.

Price: $99 | Member Price: $74

This comprehensive four-part webinar series is specifically designed to cater to beginners as well as anyone who needs a refresher on the subject. The series delves deep into exploring the crucial concepts, research insights and strategies fundamental to early brain development. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver or an educator looking to enhance your understanding of this critical subject, this series will provide you with comprehensive insights and resources to support healthy brain development in children. 

The Growing Brain: Training-of-Trainers

Help early childhood educators nurture better brain development through the magic of everyday moments.

Price: $549 | Member Price: $524

The Growing Brain: Training-of-Trainers program is designed to provide trainers with the necessary tools to help early childhood professionals create nurturing environments that promote healthy brain development in babies. Through a flexible curriculum, in-depth discussions with expert faculty, and collaborative breakout sessions with peers, participants will gain the skills and knowledge they need to support these professionals effectively. 

What You Get


Tools, strategies and skills—presented in flexible formats to meet your unique learning style.


Interactive lessons with practical takeaways you can implement into your practice right now.

From Early 
Childhood’s Best

Insights, real-world stories and guidance from renowned voices in the field.

"Thank you for making the session so interesting, engaging, and fun. The information shared with the group was vital to enhancing their knowledge of infant and toddler brain development. The outline of the content nicely explained the science, while identifying and confirming key concepts and effective practices."

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