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Little Kids, Big Questions
is a series of 12 podcasts that translates the research of early childhood development into parenting practices that mothers, fathers and other caregivers can tailor to the needs of their own child and family. Click here to listen to or download the podcasts. This podcast series is generously funded by MetLife Foundation.

Early Development Tips and Tools

PodcastTurning On or Tuning Out: The Influence of Media on Young Children’s Development - In this podcast, Dr. Ellen Wartella talks about recent research on the impact of media on young children and how parents can use this information to make good decisions around TV and other “screens”. Learn More

Your Child’s Development – This set of nine, age-based handouts include a “what to expect” chart for each age range, suggestions for supporting your baby or toddler’s healthy development, frequently asked questions, a research summary, and information about common parenting challenges for each age and stage. Learn More

Healthy Minds – This set of seven, age-based handouts link child and brain development and highlight the important ways in which babies and toddlers grow and learn in the first three years. Learn More

Magic of Everyday Moments – This set of eight, age-based booklets highlights developmental milestones from birth to three and offers ideas for how parents can support their children’s healthy development through everyday activities and routines. Learn More

Development of Social-Emotional Skills – This set of three, age-based handouts highlight how children begin developing important social-emotional skills (such as taking turns, sharing, building friendships, and resolving conflict) from birth to three. Lean More

Development of Self-Control – This set of three, age-based handouts focus on how children begin to learn self-control—the ability to manage their emotions and stick to the limits you set.  While babies are not born with self-control, they begin learning this skill at birth through loving, consistent interactions with caring adults. Learn More

Steps Toward Crawling – Learn to recognize the skills babies need to develop the ability to crawl. Learn More

Learning to Use the Toilet - When and how to help your child learn to use the potty depends on how ready your child is, as well as your own beliefs and values about toilet training. There is not one “right” way or one “right” age to learn.  This resource provides some questions and thoughts to keep in mind as you help your child learn to use the toilet. Learn More

From Baby to Big Kid E-newsletter –  A monthly e-newsletter tailored to your child’s age and stage.  From Baby to Big Kid translates the science of early childhood development into parenting strategies that you can use in everyday routines and interactions with your baby or toddler. Sign Up  



Q & A on Early Development
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I am concerned because my 3-year-old son, who until recently had great language skills and talked really clearly, has started to stutter. How should I handle this?
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Using Questions to Support Your Child’s Learning
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Your Child's Development.
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