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Little Kids, Big Questions
is a series of 12 podcasts that translates the research of early childhood development into parenting practices that mothers, fathers and other caregivers can tailor to the needs of their own child and family. Click here to listen to or download the podcasts. This podcast series is generously funded by MetLife Foundation.

Early Literacy and Language Tips and Tools



Getting Ready to Read - This booklet offers ideas for nurturing early literacy skills through everyday interactions children from birth to 5 years. Read More

Getting Ready for School Begins at Birth - Discusses strategies for using everyday moments and routines to help children develop early literacy and other school readiness skills from birth to 3 years. Read More

What We Know About Early Literacy and Language Development - Provides information on how early language and literacy skills unfold across the first three years of life. Read More

Tips for Choosing Books for Babies and Toddlers - Offers suggestions on the types of books that appeal to and are appropriate for children aged birth to five. Read More

Books About Feelings for Babies and Toddlers - Provides book suggestions for babies and toddlers on a range of topics including self-control, dealing with anger or frustration, making friends, and coping with grief and loss. Read More

Why Begin with Infants? - Excerpts from an article that highlights how various early literacy skills develop beginning at birth. Read More

Learning to Write and Draw - Discusses strategies for using everyday moments and routines to help children develop early literacy and other school readiness skills from birth to 3 years. Read More

Tips on Sharing Books With Babies – Provides ideas for making reading an enjoyable and nurturing experience for very young children. Read More

Beginnings of LiteracyZero to Three Journal article that explains how early literacy skills emerge in the context of imaginative play and loving relationships.  Read More

Bridges to Literacy Zero to Three Journal article that explains the various mechanisms involved in the development of early literacy skills. Includes suggestions for parents. Read More



Tips on Learning to Talk - Provides a brief introduction to language development with age-appropriate language-building suggestions for children aged birth to three. Read More

Supporting Your Child’s Communication Skills - Browse this resource to discover playtime, language, and literacy activities for each month of the year. Read More

Songs, Rhymes and Fingerplays in Spanish and English - Provides words to songs, rhymes, and fingerplays appropriate for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Read More

Storytelling in the First Three Years - Zero to Three Journal article which explores the powerful role played by stories and storytelling in early learning and development. Read More



I am concerned because my 3-year-old son, who until recently had great language skills and talked really clearly, has started to stutter. How should I handle this?
Read More
I’m thinking about enrolling my 3-year-old in a weekly French class for toddlers. Is one hour of French per week more confusing than beneficial?
Read More
My son is 27 months old and only speaks about 10 words. What is typical for this age? Should we be worried?
Read More
I’ve caught my 3-year-old fibbing a few times. What’s the best way to respond?
Read More

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